Fat Cat Guitar Components Floyd Rose Blocks

One of our most important lines is a series of blocks for Floyd Rose tremolos made in Cold Rolled Steel.

Early Floyd Rose tremolos had steel Blocks and it had a distinct affect on their tone compared to the later brass blocks .

The Floyd Rose Upgrade market is full of block replacements, but the steel ones seem to be hard to find ....till NOW

When it comes to the blocks two things matter or have an effect on the sound and feel: The size/mass of the block and the material it is made from.

So we offer OVERSIZE Blocks as well as STANDARD thickness, but all in COLD ROLLED STEEL


 FatCat oversize blocks for Floyd Rose 

The new family of FatCat Big Blocks for Floyd Rose tremolos (both Floyd Rose and Schaller brands and any others that have the same screw mounting).
Using cold rolled steel gives back a lot of lost frequencies that a Floyd Rose typically loses for a more balanced overall sound. You get bass back but there is tight definition in the bass frequencies and the high end is firm but not shrill.
We can also offer brass blocks but the cold rolled steel seems to be more even in frequencies rather than just fattening the sound.

Compare the width of the original brass block and the fatCat Cold Rolled Steel Big Block. Easy to fit and reassemble and available in various heights to suit your guitar.

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 FatCat STANDARD thickness blocks for Floyd Rose

For players that want or need to keep the original dimensions of their sustain block in order to fit a guitar that would need surgery to accept the bigger block.
This still gives the benefits of the steel construction without all of the mass of the oversize block

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 FatCat oversize blocks for Floyd Rose PRO

A special sustain block for a Floyd RosePro tremolo made from cold rolled steel

We wanted to try our Fatcat blocks on the popular but lesser seen Floyd rose Pro

We quickly learnt that the regular Fatcat FRT block wasn't going to fit because of the layout under the Floyd Rose ProSo we had to have some special ones made with the mounting threads offset so the spring retainer was cleared

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Jackson JT6 tremolo block

We are also offering blocks for the Jackson JT6 tremolo that featured on many late 80s Charvel and Jackson guitars.

The original JT6 block was pretty flimsy and contributed to a weakness in sound.
The Feline Fatcat block is almost double the weight of the original and gives a more direct sound as well.
This is a 1/2" (12.7mm) thick block with a 42mm deep block

Other block depths can be ordered by special order

These are cold rolled steel as above but with mounting screw holes for the Jackson tremolo and the right height to match what the old block was

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A sustain block for a FERNANDES Floyd Rose tremolo made from cold rolled steel - designed as a replacement  or replica of the blocks on some of the earliest Floyd Rose Tremolo systems made by Fernandes such as the FRT-3 and FRT-5

These had a different screw spacing to attach a block to the baseplate
This is a 1/2" (12.7mm) thick block in the standard 52mm width with a couple of depths: 37mm & 42mm

These cost very slightly more as they are a different size to the rest and are a special run and are not produced in the same batch numbers

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Fat Cat are our own line of precision made parts made for us in the UK by a fantastic engineer/toolmaker.