Price Guide

Most requested repairs – all prices include VAT @ 20%

Guitar health check



From £20 (plus the cost of whichever strings you use...or supply your own). 
Usually can be done while you wait, or go grab a coffee or a bite to eat while we do it.

Standard set-up

From £60 plus parts/strings
Typically an hour on the bench.
Truss rod adjustment, nut height, action, intonation, pickup height, electrics check/clean.

Fret skim and set-up

From £90
Typically 90 minutes on the bench.
Levelling frets to allow for a better set-up and add fallaway
(some other luthier's idea of a fret dress is what we call a fret skim). 
Includes: Standard set-up as above.  

Fret dress in neck jig and set-up

From £130 plus parts
Typically 2.25 hours on the bench.
Fret Dress-precision levelling of fret tops in the StewMac Neck Jig (allows for much greater precision), then re-profiling frets to perfect shape and finessing & polishing.
Includes: Standard set-up as above. 


From £320 plus parts
A typical re-fret is between 5-6 hours on the bench.
Removal of existing frets and replacement with a fret-wire of your choice.
Includes: Fret Dress and set up as above.

Re-fretting extras:

  • Re-lacquer maple Fingerboard – Extra £110
  • Reshape Fingerboard – Extra £35+
  • Stainless steel or EVO Gold fret wire – Allow an extra hour of labour plus £30 wear-and-tear surcharge for stainless steel re-frets.
New nut/saddle

From £55.00

For replacement nuts for whatever reason
If having a refret and the new wire going in is larger than the old wire (through choice or wear) you may need a new nut too
Tusq / Bone / Graphite / Brass etc
Earvana compensated nut +£25

Pickups and electronics

Good selection of Bare Knuckle, Oil City, Monty's, Cream T , TV Jones, EMG, B-Band pickups in stock.
Other brands/models can be ordered on request. 
Labour time charged @ £60.00 per hour

Fit pickup system to acoustic guitar

From £55.00 plus parts


Phone to discuss your requirements with us.


Phone to discuss your requirements with us.

If you don't see the repair that you require listed – please ask for details