Finishing off your project or guitar kit


Building a guitar from a kit can be  lot of fun.
Never has it been easier to buy parts to make an electric guitar online, and provided you approach the project with patience and a sensible approach a great guitar can be put together.

Help putting guitar kit together


However there are often pitfalls along the way and getting the final fit and finish makes all the difference to how the guitar will play and how nice it feels to play.
We've seen many of our customers bring in a guitar they have built that had all the makings of a great guitar but just needed a bit of extra help to make it play and function just right. Obviously we were only too happy to take on the final stages of making the project play to it's full potential.
There are a lot of things we get asked to complete which we will take great pleasure in doing:

  • Installing and wiring up electrics or just troubleshooting issues
  • supplying and fitting pickups 
  • correction of neck angle on bolt on neck guitar
  • fret dressing and setting up

Heck - we will even build your kit for you and give it the kind of attention we give the guitars we build ourselves.

NOTE: The only thing we won't do is put a fake logo on there to make it appear to be a product of a well known manufacturer.