Fat Cat Guitar Components Bridges and bridge parts

Fat Cat are our own line of precision made parts made for us in the UK by a fantastic engineer/toolmaker. 

Fat Cat classic repro tremolo

Our classic tremolo/vibrato systems made with the same specs as the Vintage Fender ones using only the best quality steel. Shown here with a set of Fender stamped saddles but future ones will say Feline.


FatCat "Double Whammy" hybrid conversion tremolo

Here we have a tremolo that mounts normally but converts to a narrower Gibson like spacing to help where a narrow neck means the strings are prone to slipping off the edge of the neck.

The front mounting holes will fit your vintage strat body with no problems or issues at all, but the block and the saddles are geared up for a narrower string spacing (10.5mm between centres rather than the older 11.2mm), resulting in an E to E spacing of 52.5mm and bringing those E strings in from the edges of the board.

We called it the "double whammy" because we use the fabulous Highwood saddles that have no sharp grub screws protruding through the plate on this tremolo. The rest of the trem is made of the same original materials that Fender used in 1954 too so sonically the same - cold rolled steel block and CR4 steel for the other parts. Even our nickel plated springs are accurate in size and tension to the Fender originals.

 FatCat oversize blocks for Floyd Rose

The new family of FatCat Big Blocks for Floyd Rose tremolos (both Floyd Rose and Schaller brands and any others that have the same screw mounting).
Using cold rolled steel gives back a lot of lost frequencies that a Floyd Rose typically loses for a more balanced overall sound. You get bass back but there is tight definition in the bass frequencies and the high end is firm but not shrill.
We can also offer brass blocks but the cold rolled steel seems to be more even in frequencies rather than just fattening the sound.

Compare the width of the original brass block and the fatCat Cold Rolled Steel Big Block. Easy to fit and reassemble and available in various heights to suit your guitar.


Jackson JT6 tremolo block

We are also offering blocks for the Jackson JT6 tremolo that featured on many late 80s Charvel and Jackson guitars.
These are cold rolled steel as above but with mounting screw holes for the Jackson tremolo and the right height to match what the old block was


Strat Tremolo sustain blocks and parts

We also sell replacement blocks for your existing tremolo and other parts too 
These are all made in UK  to the same vintage specs as the 1950s Fender ones 
Cold rolled steel for the blocks, CR4 sheet steel for the claws and spring steel for the springs

Tremolo sustain block

Spring claw