FatCat Guitar Components Fat Steel Block for FERNANDES Floyd Rose

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A sustain block for a FERNANDES Floyd Rose tremolo made from cold rolled steel

this is designed as a replacement  or replica of the blocks on some of the earliest Floyd Rose Tremolo systems made by Fernandes such as the FRT-3 and FRT-5

These had a different screw spacing to attach a block to the baseplate

This is a 1/2" (12.7mm) thick block in the standard 52mm width with a variety of depths:

Available in 2 different depths:  37mm & 42mm

Having experimented with many older Floyd Rose vibrato units and discovered that some of the earlier ones had blocks made of steel and that these bridges had a different sound with a tight defined bass and a controlled fatness and a keen treble edge, it led us to have some blocks made from Cold Rolled Steel>

These weigh about 50% more than the original brass blocks they are designed to replace

We feel it is a superior sound , almost removing the deficiencies that a normal floyd has in it's affects on your guitars frequency response, sounding closer to a hardtail bridge to my ear.