Take me to the bridge!

At Feline guitars we have years of experience supplying and installing bridges of all kinds in some of the finest pro-spec guitars available.
We keep a range of bridges and bridge parts to help get the best from your guitar. 

Highwood Saddles are one of our favourite things of late.

Highwood Vintage Strat Saddles are not only made from original pure (stamped) Steel – essential for Classic Strat Tone – these Saddles are also Contoured at the front so the Screws we use to adjust Saddle height are always recessed – never protrude, no matter adjusted low or high. And ours look just like the Vintage Originals. There is also a notch on top of our Saddles to keep your strings from wandering around which in turn makes bending strings towards that note easier and quicker.

Highwood improved vintage strat saddle

Feline Guitars Fat Cat guitar components

Fatcat are our own line of vintage vibrato bridges and sustain blocks

This is our new line of parts made by a top engineering firm in UK

We offer stratocaster style tremolos made to the exact specs and with the same materials as the original 1950s Fender ones.

We also have a special conversion bridge to help players with vintage spec strats with narrow necks that suffer with strings falling off the edges

We also offer a range of replacement blocks for Floyd Rose tremolo in cold rolled steel in a variety of heights.

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Tone Pros Bridges maybe need little introduction by now, but basically they are versions of Gibson style bridges but with the ability to lock the bridge (or tailpiece) to its mounting studs that allow more stability and tonal transfer.


Gotoh have always made excellent hardware and have a fairly extensive catalogue. We are particularly fond of their 510 series of parts which represent their premium line. We also love the Trevor Wilkinson designed tele bridge with the twistable saddles that allow better intonation.

Schaller are another industry standard that has been around for years.

They have recently had a change of management and have stepped up and reinvigorated their lines whilst still offering the quality German made hardware that earned them their high reputation. We keep lots of styles from the classic Tunamatic styles to the modern Hannes hardtail bridge and the Lockmeister Floyd Rose bridge that is identical to the bridge they made for Floyd Rose for over 30 years.

GraphTech Guital Labs Bridges

GraphTech are mainly well known for their Graphite and tusq nuts and saddles GraphTech also make a large variety of saddle upgrades too. They also make some lovely bridges out of a lightweight alloy called Resomax which is very resonant material that we think gives a certain something to any guitar we fit them too.

They also make a lot of piezo equipped bridge saddles that let you have acoustic guitar sounds from your electric guitar.

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Floyd Rose

Floyd Rose are the original well liked locking tremolo and occaisionally  we will keep an original Floyd Rose in stock, although to be fair it is identical to the Schaller lockmeister. However we do keep lots of the new Floyd Rose 'push in' arm fittings which are proving very popular and will work with a number of different locking tremolos.