Straps and Straplocks

A nice strap and secure strap-locks are a must if you want to play standing up.
Even though we are a small repair and custom shop we keep a nice range of straps including a couple of speciality and exclusive options.

We stock great Strap-lock systems from Jim Dunlop and Schaller.
We even carry extra sets of buttons for the Dunlop system to let you share a strap-lock fitted strap between different guitars.


Lets take a look at a couple of the strap types we keep from UK's Leathergraft and the Spanish made Right-On straps that also offer some vegan friendly versions

Feline "Boss-Cat" Exclusive Design

Feline Guitars strap leathergraft

 We'll start with the  luxury Feline Exclusive model designed by myself, and aimed at the bigger built player (or for a player that likes a low slung guitar (so rock and roll). It has a distinctive decorative look and some well thought out features for comfort which you can read about here: CAT STRAP FEVER

LG XL Range

A range of longer straps for players that want a solid strap with extra length for low slung playing or to suit a bigger built player. There are a couple of different lengths and many have an Aztec embossed pattern.


Pro Deluxe Line


Roadworn Series

Other lines include: Nylon Webbing, Cotton Webbing, Deluxe Softee, Suede straps,  


Right-On Mojo Race (Vegan friendly)

With my love for vintage motorsports and Formula one cars in particular these had to be a favourite for me 


Right On "Amp Strap" Line (Vegan Friendly)

These fun straps feature the look of some of rocks most classic amps by incorporating either the grille-cloth  or amp covering


Right On "Rock-Star" Line

Some straps with a bit of flash and attitude that let you be the star you know you are