FatCat Guitar Components Fat Steel Block for Floyd Rose Pro

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A special sustain block for a Floyd RosePro tremolo made from cold rolled steel

We wanted to try our Fatcat blocks on the popular but lesser seen Floyd rose Pro
We quickly learnt that the regular Fatcat FRT block wasn't going to fit because of the layout under the Floyd Rose ProSo we had to have some special ones made with the mounting threads offset so the spring retainer was cleared


About the new blocks:

This is a 1/2" (12.7mm) thick block in the standard 50mm width with a variety of depths:

4 depths: 32mm, 35mm and 37mm and 40mm

This should give plenty of choice for a tremolo that is most likely going to be either flush to the body or slightly recessed into the front.

Taller depths can be had by special order - speak to us if you need one

Having experimented with many older Floyd Rose vibrato units and discovered that some of the earlier ones had blocks made of steel and that these bridges had a different sound with a tight defined bass and a controlled fatness and a keen treble edge, it led us to have some blocks made from Cold Rolled Steel>

These weigh about 50% more than the original brass blocks they are designed to replace

We feel it is a superior sound , almost removing the deficiencies that a normal floyd has in it's affects on your guitars frequency response, sounding closer to a hardtail bridge to my ear.

This item is for the FLOYD ROSE PRO