Guitars being built you can buy

Whilst we are drawing to a close with our guitar building we still have some projects being worked on and getting closer to completion.
You are welcome to place a deposit and secure these for yourself even before they are completed and hit our "for sale" pages.
We may still have a few planned guitars appear here as we clear the shelves in our wood-store of projects we had already bought nice timbers for.


Flat top Blues cat with HBs (maple)

Flat top Blues cat with P90s (maple)

Flat top Blues cat with HBs (all mahogany)

Ash bodied Lion Special HSS with Floyd - likely to be done in a metal flake of some kind

V Shaped guitars

V58 Korina - (Seymour Duncan Bonnamassa Amos custom pickups)

1970s korina V Humbucker P90
V80 Korina - Oil City Transonic/BKP P90

Korina flying V with P90s
 V80 Korina - BKP Nantucket /Blue Note P90s
V90 style - No Pic sadly

S Types

S-Type hardtail  with roast maple neck & 10 way Freeway selector switch
russ ballard holey strat guitar
A final Russ Ballard inspired s-type

Tiger model

Ash bodied hardtail Tiger with piezo pickup too - no pre-paint pic sadly, but Goldtop as per pic below 


Another Manta bass with John East circuit....think we will do a trans charcoal colour