Oil City Masterwound Havoc pickup set. EX-DEMO

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A classic from the 70’s and 80’s that still sounds great today.
A relatively low wind bridge pickup at 13.5k, the Transonic is powered by an array of three ceramic magnets. This gives openness, warmth and string definition at high gain, but still allows for mighty and ‘fast tracking’ low end … so needed by modern players who down tune.

Supplied individually in bridge or neck position with twin row, hexagonal pole slugs as standard.

This is a special set that Ash made for us that we never got round to putting in a Schenker inspired V, so we are offering them up for grabs.

Transonic model in F spacing/52mm - so the model that is a faithful interpretation of the Super Distortion pickup that transformed late 70s and early 80s rock and metal. 
The neck pickup was something that Ash reckoned would be a great partner for it - great for riffage and fluid soloing

Full uncut cable lengths and complete with all screws and springs.