Jim Dunlop Straplok® Ready Dual-design Strap Button

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Jim Dunlop Straplok® Ready Buttons

These are often hard to find on their own, but we have loads in stock. Ideal if you already have a strap with Dunlop Straplok® Retainers on and want to add buttons to another guitar so that strap can be used with all your guitars. Saves you having to buy a full set of Straploks for that second guitar (or third, or fourth).

  • Dual-design button – can be used with or without a Straplok® (or even a Grolsch beer bottle rubber washer)
  • Big enough that a strap is unlikely to fall off
  • Can be used with the rest of the Dunlop strap-lock system easily

You are buying just the buttons and mounting screws.
Available in Nickel, Black or Gold.