Floyd Rose Push in Arm with fitting - new design

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This is the new push in arm fitting from Floyd Rose .
It is a great upgrade to a Floyd Rose tremolo and eliminates the slop and rattle that can get in the way of your whammy bar fun

Fits all authentic Floyd Rose tremolo systems including the Original, Special, 1000 Series, Non-Fine Tuner, and Pro. 
Also fits all the Schaller made Floyd Rose tremolos too including Floyd Rose 2 and Lockmeister
Some other locking trems will work with this but may require a slight alteration to their plate 
(we have fitted it to the Jackson JT6 but had to drill out the hole in the soft meta of the plate) 

Kit includes tremolo arm mounting assembly.
Installation couldn't be easier and there are some videos on Youtube too if you want to see it done
Simply remove the existing arm fitting from the plate of your Floyd Rose, instal the supplied mounting assembly (takes about 5 minutes)
Pop the arm part in and you are ready to go.

The snug-fit arm and collar ensures total ease while spinning, diving, and removing from the bridge.
The teflon sleeve keeps your arm in nice and snug too
 There is an Allen screw tensioner should you need it

After a few complaints about how the oversize moulded plastic display packaging was pushing the postage up really high we have responded by sending them out in less packaging