Fatcat Pre-CBS Style Vibrato Bridge 42mm deep block

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We are very proud of our Fatcat Pre-CBS Repro vibrato
It is a faithul reproduction of that much loved early 60s tremolo unit using the same premium quality materials that would have been used - we kept the classic construction with the cold rolled steel block, CR4 top plate and our fabulous stainless steel arm with the 1961 Fender length (as favoured by players like Dave Gilmour)

This is a model of tremolo that mounts normally on a vintage stratocaster  with saddles spacing of 11.2mm. Currently supplied with a set of Vintage repro Fender saddles - we also offer an upgrade to Highwood Saddles

Note that the mounting holes are spaced  the vintage 11.2mm apart (56mm between centres of outer holes) so they will drop directly onto the older USA spec guitars and any that conform to that pattern.

Let us know if you wish to have a white or black tip on the tremolo bar