Faber TP-'59 Vintage Spec Aluminium Stop Tailpiece

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"Faber®“ Aluminum Tailpiece. Correct Vintage Style.

This is an extremely lightweight, nickel-plated tailpiece, available in a glossy polished version or in “aged” … Take a look at the pic.
There's no need to replace your current tailpiece studs, the new tailpiece will fit perfectly and provide a tight connection.

In the 50s Gibson used to use Aluminum for their Les Paul tailpieces…
They changed that practice to reduce costs and their guitars now sport zinc tailpieces.

Today, zinc tailpieces are the “Standard hardware” on all Gibson models except Custom Shop guitars, and are also standard on all Gibson-style Replica models.

These Aluminum tailpieces weigh 1/4 that of the zinc and produce a very different sound.
They transfer vibrations differently, resulting in a woodier, more airy vintage tone - richer, rounder mids but with more upper harmonics as well.

Unplugged, the guitar seems almost more "acoustic" and resonant. Plugged in, the notes are warmer and rounder with more harmonics vs. heavier fundamentals with the zinc.