Faber ABRl ABR style Bridge - fits all model guitars

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Faber® ABRL"Tone-Lock" Bridge: Locking Bridge For GibsonTM Historics (ABR-1), Nashville Replacement & Imports 4mm

Before ordering this or any other ABR type bridge, please measure your bridge and refer to the measurements in picture 2 to ensure getting the correct fit for your guitar and saving yourself from frustration.

Our exclusive "No Gap" technology is also available in our Tone-Lock Bridge. Light years ahead of the usual "set screw" method of locking a bridge to the studs, one look at our system will show its design superiority and how it actually can increase sustain. With our system, you won’t damage your bridge post's threads - a common occurrence with the set screw method.
The Tone-Lock Bridge, just like our non-locking ABR-59 bridges, features removable saddles.

Nickel plated bridges have nickel plated brass, natural brass saddles or nylon saddles.
Gold plated bridges have polished natural brass saddles or nylon saddles.
Nickel plated bridges are also available with TITANIUM saddles - the ultimate cure for the dark sounding guitar.
Nothing will brighten up your dark sounding guitar better than a Faber bridge with TITANIUM saddles!
Also available, the Faber® HYBRIDge with TITANIUM/BRASS saddles.
Standard saddles have starter notches dead center, but optional saddles without notches are available. Models available for virtually any electric guitar! 

Comes with two pairs of sleeve nuts, inch and metric. So it's usable for both original GibsonTM ABR-1 bridge existing posts (Inch thread) and import 4MM posts equipped guitars (Metric thread), or, using the optional Faber® E-Sert, ESWKIT, BSWKIT, NSWKIT or iNsert for many Epiphone, Tokai, Ibanez and other non-USA made guitars using a Large Bridge Post system. See product descriptions for further details.

NOTE:  Nashville style posts equipped guitars - require Faber BSWKIT; NSWKIT or iNsert to use locking ABRL!