Faber® Tone Lock Kit - Tailpiece studs . Imperial . Inch thread

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Faber Kit - improve sustain, tone and attack!

  • The pat. pend. Faber® Kit system just exchanges the tailpiece studs. Modification is not required, and external appearance remains unchanged.
  • Sound quality will be dramatically improved by the revolutionary tailpiece locking system.
  • Transmission of string vibration to the body improves substantially due to the tailpiece being locked into the studs.
  • Sustain, tone, attack, etc. are all improved.
  • In addition, because the tailpiece is locked in place, it is very convenient when changing strings.
  • There are three types of spacer rings, 2.5/4/5.5mm, for the height adjustment of the tailpiece.
  • The Faber® Kit comes with two studs and six (three pairs) spacer rings.
  • Available with metric (mm) or imperial (inch) threads, according to the guitar's tailpiece inserts.