Faber® BSWKIT-NG, Bridge Stud/Adapter

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BSWKIT STEEL Vintage Style Bridge Studs/Thumbwheels:

The Faber BSWKIT will give your Nashville bridge equipped guitar the "vintage" look, while, at the same time, enhancing your tone with steel posts (8MM base/4MM post) that provide better body contact and more mass than the original zinc inserts.

Combined with one of our Faber ABR-'59 bridges (not included), this is the HOT bridge setup for your guitar! Comes with one pair STEEL studs, thumbwheels (gloss nickel, aged nickel, gloss gold or aged gold) and two 4MM hex nuts for installation.

Note: 8MM stud base can screw directly into guitars with 8MM inserts, such as Epiphone, and no drilling/tapping is necessary on such guitars.