Feline Guitars Lion Cub DC Modern Contour - Lambo Orange

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A very special version of one of our fab Lion Cub DC modern contours guitars.

Inspired by a rather nice Lamborghini Aventador that drives through our neighbourhood.

We decided to have some real fun and carry the theme of this distinctive car through the build.
We even had the guitar finished in the proper Arancia Atlas "orange pearl" colour that Lamborghini use 

African mahogany body with arm and ribcage contours
South American mahogany 3 piece quarter-sawn neck
Lightweight and VERY resonant and full of tone 

Indian Rosewood fingerboard 
Dunlop 6000 fret-wire
Mother of pearl dot markers - both front and side markers
Earvana compensated tuning nut

Black hardware like on the car
Proper Carbon Fibre pickguard - to emulate the carbon fibre on the car
Jim Dunlop strap-locks and extra flush mounted extra strap location fitting on rear
Black Graph-tech Ratio Tuners 
Schaller Signum wraparound bridge with locking posts

Oil City Blackbird pickup - clear bobbins , but in a mesh "radiator grille" cover, so you can see the pickup inside.
CTS 500k pots and switchcraft jack and 0.022 tone capacitor
Screened electronics cavities

Set up with 10-46 gauge strings with 1.5mm bass and 1.3mm treble side action

Feline custom moulded case by Hiscox Cases