Meet the Feline Team

We are lucky to have had some very talented and dedicated team members, both past and present.


My name is Jonathan and I run Feline Guitars.
As well as the day to day running of the company, I have taken pride in continuing the training of our team members, all aspiring luthiers, usually who have completed full time courses in guitar making at colleges like Merton College or in the past London College Of Furniture's Musical Instrument making courses.

Repair work is something that would take years to master every aspect of and my own 30+ years of experience is something I am happy to share with my team.



Tom (shown here with Peter Green's/ Gary Moore's '58 Les Paul) joined us back in 2010 and quick made himself a much valued team member.

He brought a lot of practical experience from his work life before studying for 3 years at Merton College as well as his building skills and a huge appetite for working with guitars. 

Tom has proved to be a very popular and much valued team member and is a excellent repairman


Liam was our most recent recruit and has settled in very well.

He has a few years experience with us and is shaping up as a first rate guitar repairman.

Liam had previously spent 3 years at Merton College and came highly recommended to us.

He has certainly become an invaluable asset to the workshop team. 


Barney kind of walked into our lives - a stray in need of a home and some loving.

He has certainly made himself at home, and can be quite vocal if he wants something.

Attempts to get him to learn about pickup wiring have as yet failed to come to fruition, but he seems to take an interest all the same.