The Custom Guitar Easy Payment Plan we used to run

Whilst our order books for fresh orders built from scratch are now closed we are proud of how we used to make it easy for our customers to manage to buy from us over the last 30 or so years.
Here is the scheme that we USED to run:

Whilst we have part built projects available to buy we could still offer some kind of pay by instalments arrangement but the duration may be shorter

Custom built guitars 
How You can afford one!

Whilst many guitarists are happy with their existing instruments, most of us have at one stage or another dreamt of owning a custom made guitar. A guitar, which has been custom made to suit your own requirements and tastes, or simply brings together the best features of all the guitars you’ve ever played.

The big drawback in this wonderful idea is that very few of us feel we can afford the cost of such a luxury. This is a shame, as many musicians end up buying one “cheap-ish” guitar after another, looking for the one that will give us that elusive sound or play the way we want. In the process of this we end up spending much more money than it would have cost to buy the custom built guitar that we always dreamt of – you always seem to lose money when trading in or selling on second hand guitars (or cars for that matter).

Most of us are familiar with shops offering “easy-payment terms” or “interest free credit” where items can be paid for by installments. In fact many of us would never have been able to buy a guitar in the first place without such schemes. Whilst these schemes are good news, the only drawback has been that it still didn’t allow you to have that custom built guitar, only one that was already built and held in stock by the shop. This is a situation that we aim to fix.

Custom built guitars – pay by installments

One of the other sides of having a guitar built to order is that it does take a while to build. We run a scheme, which has proved to be very popular with musicians having custom built instruments made, where they have paid for the guitar in installments

Whilst most customers choose to pay a fixed amount each month, the scheme is very flexible and allows the amount and frequency of payment to be varied to fit in with the unpredictable nature of modern life (and domestic bills!).

The installments will be used to purchase timber, hardware and components and pay for the labour charges as the guitar is being built, and when you have finished paying for the guitar, it will be completed and ready for you to take home and enjoy.