Set Ups

Ever been set-up?

Often when we health-check a guitar we find that the guitar could be adjusted to play more easily. Sometimes players are all too aware that their instrument might be tweaked to make it more fun to play. It could be that the guitar left the factory that way, or it has simply fallen out of adjustment over time. Maybe a change of string gauge and/or a “non-standard” tuning has made it necessary to have the guitar rebalanced.


Some guitars may have deeper underlying issues that might require a fret-dress or a re-fret. These tasks also include a set-up as the final stage of adjustment. As ever all these things are discussed and agreed upon giving you, the player the best result for your guitar

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What is involved in a setup?

  1. Guitar is restrung and tuned to required pitch
  2. Action/height of strings passing over nut and clearance over first fret
  3. Truss Rod: straightness of neck for given string gauge 
  4. Action: the height of the strings at the 12th or 17th frets
  5. Overall balance of string heights
  6. Intonation 
  7. Balance of tremolo (if one fitted)
  8. Pickup heights
  9. Electronics clean and check
  10. Polish frets
  11. Tighten hardware
  12. Lubricate nut (& tremolo if fitted)