Feline Tabby Cabronita (Fender rebuild)

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A lovely twist on a classic T style guitar for a guitar that will do everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top
We took a Fender tele body in great condition and reconfigured it and made a Feline neck to go with it.
We took a pair of TV Jones Powertrons, a TV Jones Tele bridge to fit the gretsch style pickups and paired it with a new neck held on with machine thread screws into brass inserts in the neck
The neck is a 3 piece with a leanback headstock and quartersawn grain
A Rosewood board with a 12" radius and Dunlop 6155 fretwire
Neck width is 43mm at nut and 57mm at body end 
An Earvana nut to get the intonation within chords better too.
Tuners are our favourite Ratio tuners that give precise tuning on the otherwise twitchy low E and G strings

Controls are a 3 way toggle switch , CTS pots and Switchcraft jack
Cool chrome knurled cupcake knobs make for a classy yet classic look

 It is a little heavy at just over 8.5lbs but on a good strap it feel safe and solid

Supplied with a Feline Guitars embossed Hiscox Case