Feline SouthPaw left-handed S-type "woodstock" strat - black plate

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One of a pair of strats built in a classic late 60s style with big headstock 
We called them Woodstock from the famous festival and they bear some resemblance to the type of strats that Hendrix would have enjoyed

So what is in it?
An alder body paired to a 1 piece tight grain, quarter-sawn neck with maple board with dot inlays and a vintage size fret-wire
We used a mirror imaged logo because left handed logos always look a bit odd with the tall letter F so far away from the shaping of the headstock

Fitted with a set of Bare Knuckle Pickups: mothers milk strat pickups for that late 60s tone
Controls are a classic 5 way switch, CTS volume and Tone pots and Switchcraft jack
Hardware includes Schaller/Fender F stamped premium tuners and a Fatcat guitars double whammy bridge with  Highwood compensated saddles. The bridge gives a slightly narrower string spacing to help keep the strings frm gettng too lose to the edge
An Earvana nut to get the intonation within chords better too.

We used a thin Nitrocellulose finish on the body so it will continue to age naturally 

Supplied with a Feline Guitars embossed Hiscox Case