Summer time and a slight bit of new branding

Summer time and a slight bit of new branding

Hello again .
Looks like Summer is upon us and it's a busy time for many with the General election going on, Summer Holidays , exams for some teenagers , and a lot of stuff to grab our attentions from Festivals, the Euro 2024 Football, Wimbledon Tennis and very soon the Paris Olympics.


We have been busy too mainly looking to do a little rebranding for the repair shop 
You may well have already seen our new logo, and we wanted to emphasise the work that occupies most of our time here, especially as we ease back from making guitars, and you would be amazed at how often people phone and ask whether we do repairs like they were unaware  of what we do. 
We also chose to use the "Guitar Repair Shop" name to echo the name of the very popular TV Show "The Repair shop", and are hoping to find time to do more photo and video content ourselves and that new branding will be great to use for that too.


We were very pleased with the design and have already had printed on shirts for the team to wear.
Having said that if the design proves to be of interest we may well have more printed to make available for sale 

This is the front view with a small print on the left side of the chest

Rear has a full size print of the logo

Speaking of shirts we have had a reprint of our very popular Vince Ray designed shirts and these are now all back in stock .


We have been running low for a bit but we have a sizeable order placed with faber in Germany and we should have a new shipment arriving in the next few weeks.

Webshop:Secondhand and Ex-Demo, and clearance 

We are looking to flesh out the secondhand section on our shop and also load up a few items that are maybe ex-demo or clearance items . 

This will range from guitars and amps to pickups and parts, and maybe some straps with straplocks ready to go .