Feline Groovy for the New Year?

Feline Groovy for the New Year?

Hello again folks.
So we are finally ushering out 2020.
What a difficult and weird year it has been. 
Just wanted to say thank you to all our customers who kept us going during this year, and to all those we were able to look after.
2020 has been a year where many of us have either rediscovered our guitars or taken up playing for the first time.
We are here to help you get the most from your guitars and proud to be of service.

2021 I hope will only get better.
It will usher in some changes for us too, and things to look forward to.

We will be focusing more heavily on our repair work and I hope to find a way to bring more bulletins where we can share the work we are involved with.

Guitar Upgrades
As well as repair and maintenance we are always involved in upgrading your guitars and helping you get better or new sounds .
The line of replacement pickups we carry seems to keep growing with our stock of fabulous UK made product from Bare Knuckle, Oil City, Cream T and Montys.
We still keep some EMG and TV Jones too but our attention has definitely been on stuff fantastically wound here in UK and with Brexit upon us it is maybe time to show that we can make the best stuff here in UK

Shop Items
Some of the specialist lines we stock are proving to be popular ranging from the line of FatCat bridges and bridge parts, to some of the Floyd Rose upgrades and spares. The same can be said for the most excellent Faber line of parts.
The Highwood saddles and Earvana lines have stayed high in popularity and for good reason, and the Dunlop spare straplock buttons keep flying out too.

We are still currently finding a little time to get some guitars built . 
With 2022 (our 30th Anniversary) being less than 12 months away we had better get our skates on to make a run of guitars for that now......most likely to be Lion models again - all archtops this time. 
However I see that we will have some new Tabby, Superstrat and standard S-types being released over the next few months as well as some bass guitars.
There are a few limited slots for customer build projects and still some nice builds in progress.
The Blackmachine B6 project is sadly drawing to a close as it was alway going to be a limited number - there will be about another 10 to go at time of press and one final B6+1, then we will call it a day and see what other new designs Doug is coming up with. So get in quick if you don't want to miss out.

In the meantime we wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you keep yourselves and those you love safe and well.