2023: Where did the year disappear to?

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2023: Where did the year disappear to?

Hey folks 
It's time for one of those terrible end of year summaries that some people send out with their Xmas cards......Been a bit of an odd topsy-turvey year 
We've been both nice and busy with repairs at times with spells of being too quiet that has let us play catch-up on a good number of back burner projects.

The end of an era for our guitar making?

We are going through something of  transition as we stop taking on or building any new guitars other than what we have on the shelves already and in the wood store.
Bringing to a close something that has been a very passionate and recognised part of your business does feel strange, but we were very pleased that we got to 30+years of building and building 500-600 guitars over all those years.
We do still have a good 20-30 guitars to complete and maybe get through a finishing or painting process , so you may still see a few new arrivals over the next year or so. However if you have kept promising yourself that you would own one of our guitars then now would be a good time to snap one up from the webshop.

Refrets I've had a few

Thankfully there are plenty of guitars already out there in the world that can benefit from some careful TLC  from a good repair shop like ours.
We have continued to keep busy with all the lovely repairs ranging from restrings to refrets and a few rebuilds too.

Finish what you started

We seem to have found a lot of favour for our project completion service, where people who have built up their own kit guitar or partscaster  have had us put the finishing touches on the project including a bit of fret levelling and set-up so that the completed guitar plays as sweetly as it can

Webshop News

Some of the specialist lines in our online shop have proved to be very popular with lots of interest in the Faber parts  from Germany, our own Fatcat hardware line with both Floyd Rose sustain blocks and vintage trem sets being popular.
The Highwood saddles seem to have caught on and the Earvana nut is popular as ever.