Lee Jackson Mr Springgy Reverb Pedal

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Used Lee Jackson Mr Springgy - can be used with battery but comes with dedicated power supply , or can take pedalboard power

The Ultimate Spring Reverb, All the Goodness of Spring Reverb, without the Crash , Hum or Breakage of the conventional Pan.
This will make your favorite amp Sound even Better! Finally you can truly get the sound of your old Fender reverb in a small box, I’m not kidding…
For years I have been working on a design to allow you to have your favorite “Industry Standard” Spring Reverb Sound in a small pedal form. Mr Springgy™ Pedal was designed with the idea of being as transparent as possible, to not change the original sound as it comes out of the instrument. I worked for years on such a design, and have developed a circuit that doesn’t degrade the original sound; it Enhances it with more Clarity and Definition.
This allows you to truly have that Deluxe sound and make your favorite amp sound SUPER.
Now Mr Springgy™ is even better.
With a Major added Feature that allows your Mr Springgy™ to Output Just the Reverb (Wet), out of the Main Output.
This now allows Mr Springgy™ to be used in Studio’s, Live Mixing boards and more.
So Get your very own Handmade Custom Reverb Pedal.

Extremely Warm Sounding Reverb.
Stereo outputs can also be used as a Stereo Splitter
“Wet Only” Switch for Studio and Live Mixing.
Quiet Switching
Bright easy to see Blue LED