Feline S-type Russ Ballard tribute Relic

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From the guitar that "gave Rock and Roll to you"
A third in a series of guitars faithfully based on the shape of Russ' modified 60's strat . 
I was allowed access to the original guitar - thankyou Russ , a true act of generosity.

So what is in it?
An alder body paired to a 3 piece quartersawn neck with rosewood board with pauamother of pearl inlays
Fretwire is Dunlop 6155 variety and the all access neck joint means you can get to the top of the neck without any struggle

Fitted with a set of Bare Knuckle Pickups: A VH2 and two mothers milk strat pickups
Controls are a classic 5 way switch, CTS volume and Tone pots and Switchcraft jack
Hardware includes Gotoh premium tuners and a Fatcat guitars double whammy bridge with  Highwood compensated saddles.
An Earvana nut to get the intonation within chords better too.

We used a thin Nitrocellulose finish on the body so it will continue to age naturally even though already relic'd and roadworn, and we were not super pedantic getting every scrape and knock the same as Russ' guitar but went with the spirit of what his was like

Neck finished is a natural feeling oil finish that won't feel tacky in the hand

Supplied with a Feline Guitars embossed Hiscox Case