Feline V90 – White ex-demo

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We've had this one tucked away in stock for nearly 10 years . I have called it ex-demo, but it has been kept in it's SKB case , so it's pretty much like mint , although the paint has gone from white to a more aged creamy white colour.

Our take on the V90 variant of the flying V. 
It has the vintage 1958 V body shape with the square shoulders but without a pick-guard, and a 24 fret 25.5" scale neck.

This makes it super comfy for players used to a Fender strat or tele (or a superstrat type guitar).

The longer scale length also makes it easier to handle dropped tunings.

The body has a ribcage contour as well. A mahogany body and 3 piece quarter-sawn mahogany neck with an ebony board. Dunlop 6000 frets make playing a breeze.


  • Mahogany
  • Weight – 7lb 2oz
  • 3 Piece quarter-sawn mahogany neck
  • Ebony fingerboard – 25.5” scale length
  • Neck Width – 42.5mm at nut / 56.5mm at last fret
  • Neck Depth – 21.4mm at 1st fret / 24mm at 12th fret
  • Neck Profile – Full C shape (like a '58 or early '59 Les Paul)
  • Real Mother of Pearl block inlays
  • Ebony headstock fascia
  • Earvana nut
    • Guitar is more in-tune with itself
  • Jim Dunlop 6000 gauge frets
  • Sperzel locking tuners
  • TonePros bridge and locking tailpiece studs
  • Lightweight aluminium tailpiece
  • Recessed jack socket in upper fin (so no tripping over your lead)
  • Bare Knuckle
    • Cold Sweat
  • Bare Knuckle/CTS 550k pots and Jenson 0.022uF paper in oil capacitor