MJW Goldstar 10W SE tube amp

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Here is a fab little amp designed to be a perfect pedal platform for home and studio use with simple layout but huge flexibility
It was my aim to have a Fender based amp to use with FX . 
So Martin atMJW built me this amp
It is only 10W but utilises large bottle tubes - you can switch between the Fendery 6L6 to the more Marshally EL34-bias switch will tweak for each tube type.
With the mids down the tone is pretty blackface Princeton-ish and if you roll up the mids it gets a bit more Bassman like.
It has a zero loss FX loop with a switch - ideal for time based and modulation FX

Again it is ex-demo and pretty much like new . I had a glut of gear and never got to play it much in anger. It does have  a couple of small marks on the tolex  where a pedal with rubber feet had sat and left a mark for some reason. (see picture)
They may scrub off but I wasn't going to go in too heavy as they never really bothered me