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Here at Feline Guitars we are crazy about guitar pickups

We have years of experience working with pickups of all brands, and trying them out in all types of guitars.
As we build our own guitars we get so much more chnce to understand the relationship between the timbers and the choice of pickups too

So why not turn to us when you are looking to upgrade the pickups in your guitar and get expert advice, competitive pricing and great service

In recent years we have looked carefully at the brands available and started to see a lot more interest in carefully made UK brands

Here are the brands we keep in stock and work closely with:

ASL Pickups

The most exciting brand we have dealt with in the last 10 years - especially as we have had a large hand in the development of many of the pickups.
We have carefully crafted designs that fill missing gaps in the pickup world along with improved versions of classics.
Also developing the new Blackmachine pickups too via this UK specialist winder.

Bare Knuckle Pickups

10years ago we were one of the first adopters of this very popular brand. Along with our friends at Blackmachine we trailblazed this pickup into popular use.

We remain one of their leading stockists, and possibly the stockist with the most actual hands on experience of the models. Come to the experts to get yours.


The classic active pickup developed in the late 70s then refined to dominate many types of music. Still powering much of the metal market as well as offering well crafted tones with low noise for all music types.
Bass players revel in the clear tones offered by these active beauties.

TV Jones Pickups

Gretsch flavours

We only keep a few of these in

Seymour Duncan Pickups

As a fully trained Toneologist we used to stock lots of Seymour Duncans.
We seem to get asked much less for them these days sadly, but still have some stock in.

Dimarzio Pickups

We love the virtual vintage strat and tele pickups that Dimarzio do.
They sound great and are hum-cancelling.
Available to special order only

B-Band Acoustic Guitar Pickups

One of the best sounding acoustic guitar pickups on the market.
Nice easy to instal units that reliably sound GREAT!
You'll often find them in many brands as standard - don't underestimate them - seriously good pickups!







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