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Oil City Masterwound pickups - the new UK powerhouse

Oil City Masterwound ASL Blackbird Blackmachine Feline picups

We are delighted to unveil this new UK brand after much R&D work.

Ash is winding some exquisite pickups and we have collaborated with him to create some designs that either rework classic tone staples, rediscover lost magical winding recipes or cut some new sonic ground, but always with musicality as a priority

This range will soon become the Oil City Masterwound range

OCP Masterwound Humbuckers

Open coil humbuckers
£95 each
Covered humbuckers
£105 each
Gold Covered humbuckers £110 each

OCP Beano Clapton bluesbreaker cream pickup

Bean-o Model

Inspired by late 50s pickups that set the blues rock world alight in the mid to late 60s.
Electric Blues that "burst" out the Thames Delta (South London) rather than the Mississippi delta.
Yes - it's a classic late 50s PAF and does all that you'd expect of it.
42 gauge plain enamel wire. Rough cast alnico 4 magnets. Slight over-wind.

New specs for 2016 include: butyrate bobbins, maple spacers. Roughcast magnets and a choice of either modern Gibson style covers (shown below), or accurate 1959 pattern covers made from 3D scans of originals, Potted or un-potted options available

OCP Dynamite Gibson Pat Number PAF


Inspired by mid 60s T Top humbuckers.
Pure TNT in the hands of certain Young players, creating Thunder from down under.
Really it's the sound of the late 60s and early 70s

42gauge wire short 60’s style alnico 5 magnets. Butyrate bobbins.

Modern Gibson style covers in a variety of finishes, including 1959 pattern.

OCP Riot act Alnico 3 PAF T-Top Randy Rhoads

Riot Act

Inspired by some of the PAFs from the mid 70s where Alnico 3 was used
(Alnico3 has no cobalt in it and cobalt was scarce in the mid-70s as it was used in nuclear warheads)
Smooth top end and able to be very clean , but dirties up well with pedals or amp gain.
Great as a jazz/blues neck pickup or for those who want to ride the Crazy Train (Randy Rhoads' White LP had this type of pickups in it)

42gauge wire. controlled wind. Alnico3

OCP Tubesnake alnico 2 pro pearly gates zz top slash billy gibbons


The Tubesnake lets you boogie all the way from Texas to the Snakepits of Los Angeles
So whether you favour a ten gallon hat or a top-hat this pickup will provide the sizzle.
On a serious note it's a slightly fat and aggressive PAF with an alnico2 magnet for sweet highs and a buttery low end.
The bridge unit can rock out whilst the neck pickup really sings.

42 gauge wire alnico2 magnets

Tokaido Bullet Ibanez Super 70 destroyer iceman rocket roll

Tokaido Bullet

Back in the seventies Japanese technology came up with a new sort of humbucker, a pickup that has become a legend, and sought after for its cutting power, it’s subtlety and it’s unexpected power. The original was named after the ‘super’ decade it was conceived in, and this pickup has been transplanted into many an American LP style guitar for it’s clarity and bite … especially in the neck position.

OCP's homage to that pickup is the ‘Tokaido Bullet’

Powered by a rough cast alnico 8 magnet for raw power, it has a slightly beefed up symmetrical PAF style wind for subtlety combined with ‘grunt’.
Bridge 8.5k neck 7.7k (average)

Sid Scrap Yard Dog classic PAF neck pickup


We took a classic vintage neck humbucker and opened up the mids a little to give a great neck pickup for both chords and single note playing.

42 gauge wire Alnico 4 magnet (A5 magnet version available to special order)

OCP Tomcat feline guitars gary Moore treatment lively PAF


My pet  project:-  I wanted a slightly raunchy PAF style pickup loaded with an alnico5 magnet, where you had just the right mix of low end authority, but with sparkle on the top end. We used a careful mix of 42 gauge wires to achieve this.
It's a great all rounder and has a great clean sound, but is pretty rude with a crunchy amp.
It is a pickup that works well with late 70s through early to mid 80s tones.
Sounding like it powered bands of that era from small clubs to mega stadium rock’ - we simply called it the Tour 84.

42 gauge wire. Alnico5 magnet

OCP transonic Dimarzio Super distortion ace frehley dave murray

Transonic '70

An homage to a mid 70s New York powerhouse
It fueled the late 70s rock scene and the NWOBHM almost couldn't have existed without it
Meanwhile New York's finest face-painted arena rockers used it to rock and roll (all night)

Available in Cream, black , zebra and a range of wild colours too (Hot pink shown)
43 gauge wire. triple ceramic magnets


You probably don't need too much introduction to this one.
An over-wound hot-rod of a pickup - where the mids are nice and fat, yet the top end and bottom end also stand out.
Sounding like a blend of humbucker and single coil for a tone as brown as they come.

42 gauge wire Alnico 5 magnet

Dirty Secret jeff Beck jazz blues JB

Dirty Secret

A Jazz Blues (JB) tone monster the way it was before it came to Blows and stopped being your lover.
Guitar pick is optional...A new hotrod for Surrey's favourite son.
For the modern player this a great pickup with lots of mids upfront. Team with a raging rectifier, Diezel, Engl etc and find a hard of nails tone that doesn't let up, yet remains musical

43 gauge plain enamel wire and A5 magnet


BM Blackbird (Blackmachine model)

A special wind pickup to meet the demand's of Blackmachine founder ...Doug
Bridge pickup has all the crunch and top end clarity you'd expect from a ceramic magnet pickup, but without the harsh sizzle as we've done it all with alnico 5

Neck pickup is a wonderful open expressive unit that stuns on clean, amazes as adirty rhythm pickup and soars on lead tones with amazing sweetness from an alnico 4 magnet

Best of all - the inbetween tone is like the best tele infused mix tone you ever heard - amazing!

Shown here in clear - also avauilable in other colours and covered

Havoc pickup bladed Humbucker

The Havoc

Nothing looks like a Havoc, and nothing else sounds like a Havoc!

Triple magnet system on the bridge unit combining alnico 8 and ceramic, over height bobbins for treble cutting power. Thicker gauge wire for harmonic sparkle and fat, punchy lows. Neck unit alnico 5 and beautifully ‘string separate’. Awesome power with a light touch when the gain is rolled back. 16k bridge, 9k neck (average).
Built to split well for powerful single coil sounds

Eddie - Scrap Yard Dog plus


Similar in principle to the Sid - only bigger (fans of 70s UK TV comedians will get the Little & Large /Sid & Eddie reference)
We went with a 43 gauge wire as a companion pickup for some of the rockier bridge pickups like the Transonic and Dirty Secret or for a player that wants a more shred happy neck pickup

43 gauge wire Alnico 4 magnet (A5 magnet version available to special order)


OCP Masterwound Single Coil models

Jin-Go P90

The Jin-Go is the result of me having the chance to play and analyse several very special 50s P90s. Built with vintage correct, US made PVA coated wire, rough cast magnets, drawn steel keeper bars and a vintage correct winding pattern … these are my ultimate P90s. Smooth and singing, yet raw and gutsy when you ‘dig in’.

These aren’t RWRP as it was felt that compromised their tone …
Available in relic finish too as seen . 7.7k neck, 8.1k bridge (average)
alnico 5 bridge, alnico 4 neck.

Neck or bridge £70 each or £140 per set
route 66 pre-CBS strat pickups

Route 66

The Route 66 came as a of having a particularly nice set of 1966 Strat pickups on my bench. Sweet and clear … lots of attack, and adequate power for those heavy blues moments

Alnico 5 and plain enamel wound to 6.1k neck and middle, and a small over-wind to fatten and balance the bridge unit. Vintage staggered (or reverse staggered) with hand bevelled magnets … and even the ‘pot-belly’ vintage winding pattern retained!

Grey bottom flatwork and cloth covered hookup wire is of course standard.

£165 per set



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