Feline guitars repairs london surrey

Restringing and tuning is a popular service we offer

We get asked to do a lot of restringing and we are only too happy to do it.
We are good at restringing and make light and easy work of it.

All sorts of people bring guitars in to have new strings put on ranging from:

New Players
Parents of Young Players
Experienced players who would rather have us do it freeing them to make better use of their time

We keep a range of popular brands of strings at sensible prices.

How much does it cost?

We charge from about £22 inclusive of strings for electric and acoustic guitars
Bass guitars start from about £35 including strings

Can you show me how it’s done?

We are only too happy to restring your guitar and incorporate a demonstration / lesson.
(providing it is at a time when we are not rushed off our feet)
We’ll show you how we do it, with the good techniques and all the tips and tricks we use.
We only charge you for our time and the strings, so in all likelihood it will only cost a little more than a restring would cost, but the knowledge will last a lifetime.

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