Feline guitars repairs london surrey

( like an M.O.T. for your guitar )

We have always offered a Totally FREE health check service for guitars
Whilst we joke that it is like an MOT for your guitar, we are serious about helping you get the most from your guitar.
As well as having your guitar checked over, it is also a great no obligation opportunity to come along and say hello and get to know us.

It’a “win-win” situation!

Whether there was something troubling you with your guitar or you just wanted to get it checked over we are here to help.
For us the health checks have always proved to be a great ice-breaker, and meeting new players is always a pleasure.

Our approach to good service starts here:

We strive to be always totally honest & give a totally fair appraisal.
We wont create or suggest work that doesn’t need doing, or that wont benefit the guitar and the player alike.
If there are things we can improve upon we discuss them with the player in a jargon free way and if the player choses to have work done we carefully book the job in and take good care of the guitar.
If the guitar checks out ok - that pleases us too and we help give the player peace of mind
One reason we are happy to give a guitar a clean bill of health is that the customer now knows who we are (and where we are).

They also know that we are approachable and professional in our approach, so should they ever need some help with a guitar we are just a phone-call away.
It’s an honest and long term approach to running a business, but it’s the one that works for us (and our customers too!)

Yes - it's Brian May's guitar:
The reason I got into guitars in the first place!
A good day at work for me!

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