No matter what job you do - it's always nice to get positive feedback for the work that you do.

So whether it's a nice review of a custom guitar on Harmony Central or just a cheerful email, it all adds to our job satisfaction - many thanks to those who wrote in.

Here are a few examples of some of the nice emails we get:

Just a quick line to thank you for the Eggle. It is totally transformed. Very pleased....

My Peavey EXP which you did for me in January. I am absolutely delighted with the work you did on it. The improved action and setup are a real pleasure - the whole thing has been set up as if you could read my mind. It feels absolutely spot on for my way of playing. Many thanks once again

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the excellent job you did on my PB on Saturday
Would love you to do a custom job on my Explorer at some point for me

Martin GT70 after the refret. Just wanted to let you know that I'm blown away by the work that was done. Difficult to believe this really, but I think it's even better than the work done on the old SG (and that's saying something).

Very definitely one of the nicest guitars I have ever played. (And I've played - and owned - quite a number).
Thanks, a very satisfied customer.......

Quite simply, your guitars are the most beautiful I have ever come across.
Good luck with your company and please continue building such guitars that so elevate the art of luthiery!

A quick note of thanks. I've hardly been able to put the SG down after the refret and various work.
It totally rejuvenated my old friend and it's better than it ever has been in the 19 years I've owned it - probably better than it was new.
Not only does it play so well but it sounds better, with a noticable improvement in acoustic volume and resonance. I can't wait until next week's gig!

Everyone who's seen the guitar so far (and that's a few) are blown away by the level of workmanship, it's astonishing and puts the "names" to shame. The quality of work was evident from playing your own guitars, but it translates directly to your repair work too.

The Charvel Guitar came back yesterday and sounds and plays loads better than before.
Thanks for a job well done.

Just wanted to say thanks again for fixing my guitar up so fantastically!

Just thought i should say thanks for sorting out my Ibanez!
It plays MUCH better than it did when i first brought it, and it much more fun to play!
I shall highly recommend you to my guitar buddies!

Really pleased with Guitar!!!
Used it at practice last night and sounds/feels amazing.
Thanks very much for your service.

Received guitar Friday afternoon.  Greatly impressed with work carried out.

Hi Jon, I know I paid you for it but thank you for the work you did on my strat, it totally sings, the set up is perfect, just tough enough to mean I have to make an effort with bends (without any choking anywhere) so that they feel right.  Thanks for taking care of my old friend and doing such an awesome job.
Happy Customer, see you soon with my ESP!

Many thanks to all our customers
We look forward to continuing to bring out the best in your guitars


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