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Feline Guitar Strings

We are delighted to have our own brand of strings
These are made here in the UK by Picato who have been making quality guitar strings for over 40 years

Prices will be sensible with good pricing on 10 sets or more
1 set = £6
3 sets =£15
10sets= £40



We decided to make the lowest string on our 11's set a bit heavier than some brands have
This was because some players complained that the 48 in a normal set of 11s was too light and especially slack when tuning down to a dropped tuning

So we use a 50 for the low string and it rocks!

Front of pack artwork

Rear of pack artwork


When Vince designed the artwork for our string packets he also designed a special pack design for the gauge that he used himself with his band

These were the same 10-52 Gauge strings that we have under our Light top, Heavy Bottoms design but with Vince's Screaming Zombies artwork


We keep these in stock as well and the artwork never ceases to raise a smile

Prices are the same as our other sets



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