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We have our custom cases made in the UK by Hiscox cases.

Their cases are we feel the best in their price range and better than most cases costing many times more.

They give great protection combined with a light weight - the best of both worlds


Hiscox Liteflite 'Standard' Guitar Cases Specification

  • - Original Liteflite construction utilizing outer shell of nominal 1.5mm* thick ABS bonded to polyurethane inner moulding.
  • *The 1.5mm thick outer shell is our original 'Liteflite' specification continually manufactured since 1985.
  • - This gives the lightest guitar case in the Hiscox rangerange.

Click HERE for more info on the construction of the Hiscox Liteflite case



<-- Hiscox are proud to demonstrate the strength of their Liteflite cases

Whilst we dont recommend trying this on your own Hiscox case as a party trick it will be reassuring to know that your case is made to this standard.

We have also found that the shape of these cases is such that they dont tend to get caught on steps when walking up and down stairs and aren't as likely to hurt (as much as most other cases) should you walk into someone whilst carrying one.

As they're easy to handle it also means that baggage handlers wont have such a hard time with them if travelling internationally.

The cases are robust and have strong fittings that are unlikely to break

And should you ever have a problem with the catches etcHiscox do have a lifetime warranty that they stand by and will replace any hinges or catches that break

We cant think of any reason why not to use them- except for guitars that won't fit their shape

  • The models we carry are :

    EG - electric guitar for Gibson Les Paul type guitars
    EF - Electric guitar for most Fenders and about 80% of all guitars
    ES - For PRS type guitars
    EBS - For Electric Bass *
    AC - Acoustic Steel String *

* Feline Logo version not available in these models



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