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Feline Lion Model

An enduring classic design that has rocked the world for over 60 years.
We felt it could do with a few subtle refinements to make it stronger, more agile, with easier access to the higher frets.
Check out why our Lion models are king of the guitar Jungle.

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Lion 25th anniversary Models

Here iare our flagship models to celebrate 25 years since we first put Feline on the headstock of a guitar.
Only a handful of these masterpieces will be made - hopefully before the 2017 is out.
A full archtop and a
The spec is my personal favourite things that we include on our Lion Supreme model brought together with an art deco fingerboard inlay

Price £3600 - £4000

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Lion Supreme

The classic standard made supreme by us.
This model features a contrasting arch top - usually maple but other options could be had.
Different thicknesses and options on chambering to assist in weight selection too.

Choices of rosewood or ebony for the fingerboard - many choices in fact!

Price £2995 - £3800

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Lion Special

Our sneaky "wolf in sheeps clothing".
A sensible step up from the raw charm of the cub model - this guitar features all the contouring and sexy body curves of the Supreme model, but matching the timber for the archtop to that of the back.

Proving very popular in the slimmed down versions where the weight tips in at about 7lbs, easy on the shoulder and the resposiveness is like a finely tuned sportscar - too much fun!

Price £2400+

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Lion Cub

Stripped down and ready to rock.
Not so much an entry level guitar, but aimed at players who know how cool a Junior can be, but would like a little refinement thrown into the mix

Price £2200+

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