every customer matters to us and we treat every customer with care, honesty and professionalism

So from the total beginner needing a health check or a restring on a guitar, all the way to players gracing huge stadiums we apply the same degree of thoroughness.

But people do often want to know if we do work for "famous guitarists" - maybe a reflection on the celebraty driven world we livein and maybe it's a comfort to know that the pros trust their guitars to us as well.


Guitar techs for major artists trust us to do the specialist jobs that they need to get done for the bands they tech for, and need to be sure of a good result as their jobs depend on getting things right for the bands or artists they work for


Top name artists like

Brian May (Queen)
Jamie Moses (Queen & Paul Rogers, Tom Jones, Mike & The Mechanics etc etc)
Justin Hawkins & Dan Hawkins (The Darkness)
Judas Priest
Paul Raymond (UFO)
Dirty Deeds
Sean Lennon
Rita Ora Band
Never The Bride
Jona Lewie
Michael Macdonald Band


Local bands that are working their way up the industry roster

Nolly (Periphery)

Derya Nagle (The Safety Fire)

Godsized, Mordacai, 5th man down,Eso,The Mercy House,Breed 77, Kick


Tribute bands including
Counterfit Stones

Dressed to Kill
Limehouse Lizzy
Supersonic 70s

T rextasy





Details of Feline users and artists to follow but including:








Anton Browne


Silent Disguise



(Rita Ora)

Jackie Generation




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